The Prunella Soap Collection is Vegan & Organic Friendly

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: facebook & cooljanedesign
These adorably packaged soaps by Prunella Soap are handmade and 100% organic and vegan friendly. They are made with a cold process technique, which takes up to four weeks to cure. They come in a variety of delicious flavors including, Oregon Hops White Grapefruit,  Blood Orange Ginger and Cinnamon Orange and Chamomile.

The first thing that drew me into this product was the packaging and display. By creatively making the soaps appear as candy it struck my curiosity. The shaved flakes of soap resembles white chocolate, which is what I had initially thought it was.  Also, by incorporating tiny props, such as plants and dogs, it adds a distinctive look to the brand image. The Prunella Soap packaging is simple but effective.