These UGIAJ Safety Glasses Look Fashionably Chic

 - Jun 12, 2013
References: indiegogo
Italian design brand UGIAJ has come up with a creative pair of eye glasses that are both protective and fashionable.

Unlike any other pair of glasses on the market, UGIAJ’s glasses merge aesthetics with functionality. For bikers, workers, motorcyclists and sports players, the eyes are one of the most common places injuries occur. Made from a soft and bendable frame, these sunglasses don’t use any plastic or metal in the design. So if a wearer is ever hit in the eye while wearing these glasses, no damage will occur to the wearer’s face or the glasses themselves. Shaped like an average pair of square-framed glasses, the UGIAJ glasses are ingeniously compact, durable, strong, waterproof, shock absorbent and flexible.

Available in an array of funky hot color duos, like yellow and red, blue and red, or pink and yellow, these glasses are both safe and sturdy for the summer season.