Adobe's 'Project VoCo' is Photoshop for Voices

 - Nov 8, 2016
References: blogs.adobe & fastcodesign
Adobe's best known software program is surely Photoshop, a program so powerful and influential that it has permanently changed the visual media landscape, and the software company is hoping that its new pilot software, 'Project VoCo,' can have the same effect for aural media. Project VoCo, which was developed in collaboration with Princeton University, is software for editing voices rather than images.

Adobe describes Project VoCo as "Photoshopping Voiceovers" because it allows users to make changes to sound clips of people's voices with the same imperceptible real-ness that Photoshop applies to images of people.

Though Project VoCo is currently just a bare bones pilot program, it still functions well. To use it, one enters a sample into the program, and it automatically transcribes that into a text editor. Users can then change the text, just like making an edit on a word processor, and the program will be able to replay the voice clip with the changes.