The Project Twins ‘A-Z of Unusual Words’ Series is Edu

The Project Twins 'A-Z of Unusual Words' series will have a noegenesis effect. Unsure of the meaning, the noegenesis means the production of knowledge and is one of the words covered in the 'A-Z of Unusual Words.' The series is created by The Project Twins, a graphic design and illustration studio based in Cork City, Ireland made up of James and Michael Fitzgerald. By illustrating rare and often unspoken words, these gorgeous posters have the ability to expand one's vocabulary.

The series uses words such as acersecomic meaning a person whose hair has never been cut to zugzwang which describes a position in which any decision or move will result in problems. The Project Twins remind us of the beauty of these unused words and through their breathtaking illustrations leave them embedded in our minds.