Microsoft's Project Ink Analysis Interprets and Translates Handwriting

 - May 9, 2018
References: techcrunch & engadget
As part of its 2018 Build developer conference, Microsoft recently unveiled its new Project Ink Analysis service. Falling under the company's Cognitive Services Brand of AI products, this new service will give developers the tools to add support for handwriting and other shape recognition into its projects and apps. Essentially, this toolkit will be able to read and analyze handwriting, no matter how sloppy, and will then interpret it into text.

While Project Ink Analysis is still in its experimental stages, the service could prove to be incredibly useful in the stylus space, and may even revive the use of styluses on the majority of digital platforms. The toolkit functions on features normally found in text editors and uses AI to match letter alignment to figure out the overall word. The service can currently translate 67 languages and can easily clean-up messy handwriting.

Image Credit: Microsoft