The 'Fixer3D' Professional 3D Printer Finishing Tool Repairs in Moments

 - Mar 2, 2016
References: kickstarter & geeky-gadgets
The market for 3D printing technology is expanding, so the 'Fixer3D' Professional 3D Printer Finishing Tool is designed to make repairs or finishing touches an easier endeavor.

One of the problems with 3D-printed products is not being able to make changes once the printing process has begun. Even worse, if there's a mistake in the process a product might have to be completely reprinted. The 'Fixer3D' Professional 3D Printer Finishing Tool from 3DFracture inhibits this by allowing makers to perform fixes where necessary.

The 'Fixer3D' works by offering users a syringe full of resin that can be injected where needed and cured instantly with either the built-in UV lamp or natural sunlight. The 'Fixer3D' can be preordered on Kickstarter where the brand is currently running a campaign.