These 'ProActive' Windshield Wipers Make the Road More Visible

 - May 4, 2017
References: technologywow
Sweden's 'Semcon' have developed a proactive windshield wiper which reacts faster than ever before. 'ProActive Wipers' use a car's rear view mirrors, dash-cams, and rain sensors to monitor the area on the road to make predictions about the vehicles surrounding it.

Driving in the rain always poses a threat to drivers -- especially in situations that involve overtaking large vehicles. Large splashes on window shields are inevitable, and can lead to potentially life-threatening incidents which can occur in the blink of a eye. These ProActive window wipers are activated when potential dangers such as these are detected, automatically switching the windshield wipers to high, before the splash even occurs.

ProActive Wipers are safer than more common sensory wipers, as they eliminate the dangers of not being able to see the road when a splash occurs.