The 'Spyslide' Webcam Privacy Cover Thwarts Hackers from Viewing You

 - Mar 1, 2017
References: indiegogo & thegadgetflow
It has become well-known that hackers can gain access to your laptop webcam in order to spy on you, so new products like the 'Spyslide' webcam privacy cover are being developed to offer peace of mind to users.

There is a camera on virtually every device that we use today ranging from laptops, to smartphones that offers a great way to snap pictures and take video calls but can also be a security threat if hackers target your device. The 'Spyslide' works by being placed over your laptop or tablet webcam in order to stop the camera from working even if a hacker does gain access to the device's hardware.

Teh 'Spyslide' webcam privacy cover comes in a pack of three in order to outfit all your different devices with them to inhibit capabilities when you aren't using them.