Tumblr Artist ‘Celeste Doodles’ Plays with Princess Bubblegu

These gorgeous Princess Bubblegum doodles are fan-tastic. Artist Celeste Doodles has captured the awesomeness that is Princess Bubblegum in a variety of interesting ways.

Princess Bubblegum is a character from the kid’s cartoon Adventure time. The children’s show has drawn in an adult cult following. Princess Bubblegum is one of the main characters and rules over the Candy Kingdom with a sticky fist!

In the drawings, Princess Bubblegum is portrayed in a number of different ways. Some of the best are in a puffy Maria Antoinette-style dress, as an 18th century lady, as a knight with a spearmint and having fun in the sun. Others also include the princess as a Star Trek character, as a mod 60s girl and wearing a puffy artist designed-outfit.

The artist also has pictures of other Adventure Time characters such as Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline.