This Wearable Radiator for Cows is Designed to Prevent Heat Stress

 - Aug 1, 2017
References: & springwise
While some high tech wearables are designed to monitor various health metrics in human beings, this one was developed specifically to prevent heat stress in dairy cows. Available from Japanese underwear brand Gunze Limited and developed in collaboration with the Kyoto Prefectural Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Technology Center, Ushibull is a cow-cooling product that results in healthier cows.

Similar to a shirt, the wearable radiator is made out of a material that has high thermal conductivity levels. The stretchy neck and shoulders-covering shirt for cows also contains sensors that monitor the amount of moisture in the material. The cow shirt works to prevent heat stress by pumping in water through a tube, which cools the overheated bovines as the water evaporates.