This Salty Snack is the Perfect Breakfast Alternative

 - Sep 15, 2015
References: foodgays & thekitchn
'The Food Gays' blog recently put together a recipe for making delicious pretzel bagels that are stuffed with savory cream cheese. When it comes to breakfast, there are a wide variety of dishes to choose from. This recipe puts traditional breakfast fare to shame by elevating the humble bagel and cream cheese combination.

The cheesy breakfast dish offers a cross between a bagel and a donut. The recipe involves making a herb-based dough that is molded into a donut-like shape. These dough balls are then filled with the cream cheese of your choice. To give the bagels a pretzel taste, the dough balls are topped with a mix of sea salt, chives and sesame seeds. The end result is a hybrid breakfast dish that features the soft texture of a donut and the savory taste of a bagel.

The cheesy pretzel bagels can be made in large batches, which allows you to enjoy a hearty gourmet breakfast all week long.