Presence of Heart by Alison Lewis Beats to a Person's Natural Rhythm

 - Oct 1, 2012
References: heartbeat.agentofpresence & psfk
People who wear their hearts on their sleeve are often told to check their emotions at the door in order to avoid unnecessary pain and heartache, but the Presence of Heart dress encourages it. Of course, in a more technological sense. This garment is embedded with sensors, which allows it to respond to the wearer's pulse. When it detects a heartbeat, the Presence of Heart dress in turn puts on a light show that beats in sync to the rhythm.

The Presence of Heart dress was created by Alison Lewis for the fashion design firm Agent of Presence. Equipped with Erogear technology and 24 LEDs with specially-made driver boards, the dress debuted at Studio64, a San Francisco Fashion Technology Event at Club Temple.