A Dozen Cousins' Premium Beans are Cooked in Avocado Oil

Many consumers have come to know beans as either heavily processed or canned food items but A Dozen Cousins is on a mission to change this by offering premium beans that stand apart from others.

A Dozen Cousins' ready-to-eat beans are offered in flavors that reinvent traditional Creole, Caribbean and Latin American dishes, including Cuban Black Beans and Mexican Cowboy Beans. All of the beans are cooked in avocado oil and paired with other high-quality nourishing ingredients like apple cider vinegar and anti-inflammatory turmeric.

While consumers will undoubtedly be drawn to the convenient packaging and the fun flavors of the ready-to-eat premium beans, they also have the potential to catch the eyes of consumers who are looking to avoid gluten, MSG, BPA and GMO ingredients.