FabCab's Houses are Accessible Without Looking Too Sterile

 - Jul 28, 2016
References: fabcab & fastcodesign
Prefab houses built for accessibility aren't the most glamorous projects for most architecture firms, as accessible features can often compromise the aesthetics of a building (in the opinion of some high-minded designers, at least.) However, FabCab, a Seattle-based architecture and design firm, ditched that notion in building a house for a wheelchair-bound family in the nearby town of Port Townsend, Washington.

From top to bottom, interior to exterior, FabCab's house design keeps accessibility at the fore without sacrificing a sleek and interesting appearance. The house needed to be stair-free, and the architects took advantage of this by using that extra space for airy, open concept rooms that simultaneously allow for freer movement in wheelchairs. Outside, the patio is lined with attractive brick that gives better grip for wheels.

Prefab houses with accessible design features need not be sterile, rigid, impersonal homes, as FabCab has shown.