The 'Powerbag' Charger Packs a 24,000mAh Battery within

 - Sep 21, 2018
References: yankodesign
The conceptual 'Powerbag' charger has been created as a dual-purpose piece of equipment to bring with you when heading out of the house to keep you prepared for new purchases and a low battery on your smartphone.

Integrated with a 24,000mAh battery on the bottom portion, the bag can be seamlessly carried on your shoulder with all your essentials within to keep you feeling as organized as possible. The power bank has a detachable design that can be zipped off as required to lighten up your load or use it independently from the bag itself.

The 'Powerbag' charger has been designed by Davide Anzalone and also features an anti-slip material on the bottom that will offer added traction to keep it as functional as possible.