10 Monster Lawnmowers You Can Ride

 - Aug 27, 2008
References: toolmonger & jalopnik
As far as extreme lawnmower riding enthusiasts are concerned, a monster mower doesn’t even have to be able to cut grass to inspire envy and lust, so long as it is the biggest, baddest mower on the block.

With monster truck tires, amped-up engines and custom suspension and paint, these lawnmowers aren’t your typical, garden-variety mowers. They race on off-road tracks like cars, careening around corners and popping wheelies to a surprisingly impressive crowd.

My vintage push-reel mower can’t decide whether to scowl in disgust or to hang its head in embarrassment.

The Monster Mower featured in the video is the
'Cryptkeeper" and was built by JonnyWayne in Green Bay, Wis.