'ALL IN' Potato Snacks Celebrate Meaty Flavors Like Chili and Burgers

 - Apr 26, 2016
References: kims.dk
KiMs' 'ALL IN' is a collection of potato snacks that have been inspired by meat flavors like burgers, chili and beef as a standalone ingredient. These KiMs potato chips have names like Much Chili, Epic Beef and Cheezburger that take inspiration from Internet memes and youth culture. This theme is also reflected on the rebellious designs and quirky taglines on the potato chip bags. As such, ALL IN potato chips were designed to go after the types of young target audiences who can appreciate when traditional frameworks are disregarded.

The ALL IN range also includes a Pizzza flavor, which steps outside of the beef theme that the rest of the products follow.

These unique potato chips are in line with a number of other snack food products that are offering consumers a lighter way to enjoy flavors that can only be found in full meals.