Posture Suspenders by Tobias Sonne Helps You Stop Slouching

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: tobiassonne & fashioningtech
Carnegie Mellon University student Tobias Sonne has invented a really interesting set of Posture Suspenders, a pair of suspenders that will actually help you correct your posture and prevent you from slouching.

Unlike other posture-controlling devices on the market, the Posture Suspenders does not use an accelerometer. Instead, Sonne added a piece of stretchable conductive fabric and a vibrating device. According to Sonne, the fabric changes its resistance based on the fabric's stretch, which is used to determine the user's posture. The Posture Suspenders will then alert you in real-time with vibrations whenever you start to slouch. By doing so, the suspenders help you develop muscle memory so that you are more likely to sit or stand with correct posture later on.