This Post-Apocalypse Art by Maico Akiba Stuns

 - Mar 29, 2013
References: maicoakiba & spoon-tamago
The apocalypse is a daunting subject matter that many people have various thoughts on, but whatever your thoughts may be you've probably already contemplated about what would an object would look like a post-apocalypse.

The ‘100 YEARS LATER’ project is compromised of pieces of everyday objects that have been brushed-up to look as if they’ve aged for a century. The art works are from Japanese artist Maico Akiba, and she does a remarkable job at giving the objects an aged appearance that put you in awe. From plant covered Mac computers to aged human finger nails, the amount of intricacy in these designs is simply mesmerizing.

The apocalypse may or may not happen, but whatever the outcome over the next century, these art works can serve as a small glimpse into the unknown future.