The Possessed Hand Plays Musical Instruments for You

 - Jun 29, 2011
References: newscientist & geek
Mozart would be rolling in his grave if he heard about the Possessed Hand.

The Japanese Possessed Hand is a recent invention that aims to make musical classes a lot easier. In fact, they might deem music classes obsolete. The Possessed Hand is comprised of a series of electrical wires which are attached to specific areas of your arm. Once switched on, the electrical currents stimulate your muscles at specific times, causing your hand to clamp up. It shapes your hand in chord positions so that you instantly know how to play instruments.

This creepy Possessed Hand definitely won't have music teachers singing in joy.

Implications - Citizens in urban societies live extremely fast-paced lives and find it difficult to alott time in their days for practicing new skills. These consumers seek products that will allow them to learn new tasks, but in a very quick manner. Companies can manufacture these innovative products to appeal to busy demographics.