The 'Watercone' Can be Used in the Office, Bedroom or Vehicle

 - Sep 13, 2016
References: yankodesign
As more consumers strive to make all the spaces around them as comfortable as possible, products like portable humidifiers, as with the 'Watercone,' are becoming more desirable.

Designed by Younggyu Kwon, the 'Watercone' features a design-conscious aesthetic that is intended to be pleasant when both in-use and turned off. The design is sturdy and waterproof to ensure that the unit doesn't spill when moved to ensure that it is truly portable.

The conceptual 'Watercone' portable humidifiers come in two color options including silver and gold, which are small enough to be used just about anywhere to provide effective humidification results. The 'Watercone' is a great product for use in the office, in one's vehicle or even in the bedroom; the fact that it is portable makes it an efficient product for the modern consumer to appreciate.