The Hekkpipe is Safe, Durable, Stylish and Lightweight

 - Aug 6, 2015
References: hekkpipe & ifitshipitshere
As someone who frequently finds pleasure in smoking from a hookah, Indrek Kuusk set out to create a portable hookah that he could take anywhere with him. In his research and development phase, Kuusk found that there were no designs quite like this on the market that checked off all of the necessary requirements for safety, style, ease of use, durability and of course, portability.

As a result, the handcrafted Hekkpipe was created, boasting a design that allows for a greater airflow and a bigger bowl for smoking longer.

Thee different models are available, including varieties that come in oak boxes that are left natural, stained or colored. Clever design features like built-in carrying straps and floor protectors make it easy to transport and use without burning the immediate surroundings.