The 'BlazingBlock' Portable Firewood Creates a Bonfire Quickly

 - Mar 8, 2016
References: plowhearth & thegreenhead
When it comes to creating a bonfire, logs and kindling are usually required, but the 'BlazingBlock' Portable Firewood makes this a notion of the past. The block of wood looks ordinary, but has been specially designed to enable on-demand bonfires without having to search the forest for fuel.

The 'BlazingBlock' Portable Firewood works by placing a lit piece of Fatwood into the drilled hole in the lower portion. This will begin to burn the block from the inside-out and start a mini bonfire quickly, easily and safely.

The 'BlazingBlock' will burn for upwards of three hours once ignited, which is perfect for beach parties, while camping or in one's backyard. The only stipulation is to place the 'BlazingBlock' in a fire pit or other fire-safe space when partaking in use.