The Porcelain vs Lava Lights are Controlled by their Volcanic Properties

 - Jun 11, 2014
References: gt2p & dezeen
Chilean studio Great Things to People (otherwise known as gt2p) designed the 'Porcelain vs Lava Lights,' a series of porcelain lamps that are powered on and off by stroking the lava blob at their center.

The cooled lava mounds hail from Chile's Chaiten and Villarrica volcanoes. The dark lava is contrasted with the light porcelain that frames it. The lamps are sensitive to touch; one swipe over the lava alters an electrostatic field created by capacitive sensor. This prompts a reaction from a micro-controller, essentially turning the device on or off. The devices are anchored to the wall via a brass fixture embedded into the lava.

Designer Guillermo Parada explains, "The micro-controller can be programmed many times as you want with different functions or scenes [,] giving us the possibility to create interactive installations as well."