This Pop-Up Outlet Provides Extra Power and Prevents Spill Damage

 - Aug 19, 2013
References: fancy
This hidden pop-up outlet is a helpful addition to any kitchen, medical office or lab. The device keeps electrical outlets safe and out of the way from spills. The clear rubber ring at the top of the gadget creates a seal when closed, keeping unwanted damaging and dangerous liquids out. In addition to clear rubber, the product also comes in an aluminum or black aluminum style. The simple and effective design features two handles on top. To use, pull on them until the PCS34 clicks, indicating it is locked in place. To put away, press the red button on the bottom and push down.

Each tower-like structure has three standard American outlets with 15A/125VAC. The pop-up outlet also has a 9 foot cord. It fits tables with a 1/8" to 2" thickness.