'A Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts' Features Pop's Finest Manes

 - Mar 21, 2011
References: popchartlab
This online poster is a collection of the most notable haircuts in pop music, from Bill Haley all the way to Lady Gaga.

Many people bring a photo of their favourite celebrity with them to the hairdresser so that they can get a replica cut of the beloved ‘do they admire. How about a famous rockstar hairstyle? This poster is a visual plethora of haircuts in popular music that were all the rage. The Paul McCartney mop-top, Elton John's balding coif, Lil' Wayne’s dreads and even Vanilla ice’s high hair with the odd eyebrow situation are just some of the musical hairstyles present in this poster.

This online poster could solve a lot of dilemmas at the beauty parlor.