This Special Plastic Material Can Detect and Absorb Mercury Pollution

 - Oct 20, 2015
References: & gizmag
Scientists from Southern Australia's Flinders University have developed a revolutionary new pollution-absorbing substance that is both affordable and made from natural materials.

This special dark red polymer material is capable of helping to solve the ever growing amount of mercury pollution present in our earth's natural environment. The pollution absorbing substance is actually capable of detecting mercury levels and bonding with the harmful metallic substance, effectively removing it from the environment.

Adding to the importance of this discovery, the new substance is actually made from material that is not only abundant, but also highly affordable as well. The "sulfur-limonene polysulphide" material is made from a combination of two industrial waste byproducts -- sulphur from the petroleum industry and limonene sourced from the skin of citrus peels.