The Polk Assist Combines Audio Quality with Hub Home Features

 - May 15, 2018
References: androidpolice & digitaltrends
Polk Audio has spent the last 50 years producing quality speakers, but its latest Polk Assist shows that it is still able to innovate and push back stagnation. Much like the company's line of MagniFi soundbars, this new speaker features Google Assistant. This may not seem like a particularly noteworthy innovation, seeing as the Google Home already functions as a speaker, but the appeal of the Polk Assist lies in its combination with Google's Chromecast and in its ability as a quality speaker. The sound-projecting qualities of the speaker draw heavily from Polk's history of design and offer up audiophile level quality in a compact and feature-full package.

The integration with Chromecast allows the Polk Assist to function as part of a multiroom entertainment network or as the hub of a greater one. The bundling of both Google Assistant and Chromecast follows Polk's commitment to producing premium audio solutions, and offers users a means to connect multiple entertainment devices and stream all around their homes.