This Tool Simplifies the Decision for Undecided Voters

 - Nov 8, 2016
References: isidewith
The 'I Side With' political affiliation quiz gives undecided voters the chance to make up their minds about who they are voting for in this year's highly publicized U.S. election.

The quiz lists a set of comprehensive policy questions that cover many of the issues that the current candidates have made a stance on while campaigning. It is divided into a several categories, each of which feature a few policy based questions. Topics include science, environmental issues, criminal issues, foreign policy stances, education stances and more. Each question has a "learn more" option for people who are uninformed of the issue or policy stance the question is referencing. For each individual question, people who take this quiz are able to rank the importance of their answers.

Although the U.S. is in its final hours of electing its next president, there remain voters that are on the fence and this political affiliation quiz could help them clarify where they should cast their vote.