The Polideportivo Building is a Giant Colorful Lantern

 - Sep 10, 2012
References: archdaily & thefoxisblack
The Polideportivo building in San Indioteria, Spain is an amazing architectural achievement that houses a pair of basketball courts inside of a giant polycarbonate multi-colored shell.

Designers Sebastian Escanellas and Jordi Herrero are responsible for this elegant design for the San Indioteria sports complex. The Polideportivo’s brightly colored shell fills up the basketball courts during the day with some rich-colored hues and then at night, the building glows brightly, almost like a lantern.

An interesting aspect of the building is that the hall does not actually have any windows, but is rather ventilated by fresh air that comes through courtyards and hot air outlet openings, thus giving off the feeling of being in an outdoor atmosphere surrounded by beautiful natural light.