Poetree is a Plant that Grows from the Ashes of Your Loved Ones

 - Oct 4, 2011
References: idsa.org & treehugger
Although the death of an animal (human or otherwise) is naturally eco-friendly, funeral conventions have made the process 'un-green' and sometimes toxic -- fortunately, Poetree will connect the diseased back into the natural Circle of Life once and for all.

Parisien designer Margaux Ruyant has sought to reform and beautify the entire process of burial, courtesy of her new invention called the Poetree. By planting a seed into the cremation vessel, you can witness a tree quickly sprout like a phoenix from the ashes of your loved one, adding an element of poetic justice to the unfortunate passing. Made from ceramic, the jar is etched with details of the dearly departed's life. When the time is right and the mourning process is almost over, you simply remove the rubber stopper, pour some soil in and plant a boxwood tree seed inside. By challenging the 'static' view of death, Ruyant has reclaimed the naturalistic view of death as change and elegant transformation.