The Podzemka Bar Had Its Customers Design Their Own Ads

In Ekaterinburg, a city with 20 state universities and over 180,000 students, it's fair to say that students make up quite a bit of the population. In order to use this to its advantage, the Podzemka Club and Bar, along with the Red Pepper agency devised quite a clever tactic to get more students in its doors.

Podzemka's spacious environment and low prices are specifically designed for university crowds, but in order to help students truly feel like the space was their own, they were asked to make their own ads for the bar.

The user-made ads were spread across social media, billboards and multi-video screens, and in return, students were rewarded with a membership card that provided access to the bar and a voucher for a free drink. This virtual word of mouth campaign was successful at increasing Podzemka's patrons by 50%.