The Wristlet Watch is a Pocket Watch for Your Wrist

 - Jul 29, 2014
References: ckie & yankodesign
If you enjoy the look of a timeless pocket watch but need something a little bit more modern for you to tell the time then the Wristlet Watch is the ideal solution for you. This stylishly contemporary timepiece cleverly infuses the look of a vintage chronometer with the wearability of a wrist watch.

Back in the 19th century it was custom for men to adorn their breast pockets with an elegant gold or silver pocket watch. Nowadays pocket watches are somewhat impractical to carry around in one's day-to-day lifestyle. Thanks to the Wristlet Watch, you no longer have to compromise the look and feel of an antique watch for practicality. The Wristlet Watch has a chronometer-inspired face attached to an elegant leather wrist band. You can also remove the watch face and use it as a pocket watch if you'd like.