The Plus + Jacket is a Bomber, a Hoodie and a Jacket

 - Nov 21, 2017
References: kickstarter
The Plus + Jacket is positioning itself as the most versatile and functional jacket on the market, offering consumers a statement piece that's a bomber, a hoodie and a jacket, all in one.

Made with nano-technology fabric, this piece is durable, self-cleaning, wrinkle-free and anti-odor, keeping an individual looking and smelling fresh. The jacket features 22 combined pockets, with 11 interchangeable pockets that lets a user store their items however they like. Each pocket varies in sizes, having the capability of holding a laptop or makeup bag. Perfect for everyday wear, this versatile coat can help one seamlessly transition from a cold morning, into a sunny afternoon.

The Plus+ Jacket offers the wearer endless possibilities, presenting a fashionable item that can be worn year round.