The Plika Light by Pani Jurek is Inspired by Polish Folk Tales

 - Jul 4, 2013
References: & design-milk
The Plika Light not only looks good, it wards off evil as well. At least, if Polish folk tales are to believed. Inspired by a common local custom, the Plika Light takes on the form of a bundled knot that hangs from the ceiling, a symbol that is meant to hold evil spirits at bay. Made up of multicolored woven cords, the pendant lamp adds a vibrant and rustic touch to the home in the process.

Designed by Pani Jurek, a Bledow-based studio founded by artist and designer Magda Jurek, the Plika Light is somewhat versatile. A person can leave it knotted if he or she holds superstitious beliefs, or it can be braided or even left loose depending on visual desires.