These Plastic Tombstones Send a Provocative Message About Animal Rights

 - Jul 25, 2015
References: instructables & psfk
Aldric Négrier is a Portuguese activist who is using plastic tombstones to send a message about animal rights. Négrier's unusual project aims to spread awareness about animal rights and cause consumers to think about what they are buying.

Négrier is an engineering in training and he recently began using his knowledge of 3D-printing to make the tiny tombstones. Négrier then leaves the plastic tombstones on top of meat products whenever he goes to buy groceries. The tombstones send a provocative message about how eating meat comes at the cost of animal's lives. While the message may be bold, Négrier insists that he is not trying to demonize meat eaters. He explains that the project is more about showing respect for the animals and getting people to think about the implications of their diet.