These Plant Water Drink Blends Wild Prickly Pear and Fruits

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: drinkcaliwater
In addition to producing plain cactus water, Caliwater's newest plant water beverages blend wild prickly pear cactus fruit with peach and strawberry. In addition to being hydrating, these beverages are loaded with beneficial health properties.

As the name of the brand suggests, the Cactus + Berry and Cactus + Peach varieties both use ingredients local to California. Caliwater also notes: "This drink was crafted for the wild and free spirited," making these perfect drinks for those who love to be outdoors, whether they're relaxing on a beach or embarking on a great wilderness adventure.

This cactus water is one of many new plant water types that are appealing to consumers with novel flavors and plant-based ingredients. Other unusual varieties include beverages made from a base of olives, birch bark or even artichokes.