Plane Table by Rene Barthelemy Hides Folds Beneath its Flat Top

 - Oct 12, 2011
References: muuuz &
It seems as though the Plane Table by Rene Barthelemy is doing its best to subtly rebel against the standard silhouette of a kitchen table, serving up the typical flat top but bulging unexpectedly beneath. Manufactured from a soft birch bent plywood or a contemporary transparent acrylic material, the unusual Olika piece provides its user and viewer with a little visual and tangible intrigue.

The modern moveable looks to loosely and imaginatively emulate the shape of braced wooden dining tables that incorporate horizontal panels uniting the tabletop with the legs. In the Plane Table by Rene Barthelemy, however, this assembly technique is not necessary, and the sculptural contour created appears intentionally aesthetic against the angled joints of the slender steel rod supports.