The Place Lamp by Sam Stubblefield is Illuminatingly Informative

 - May 29, 2014
References: digital-physical & fastcodesign
People step away from their desk at the office for a number of reasons (meetings, coffee, washroom break and more), yet sometimes when they're gone, people come knocking and the Place Lamp offers a great way to inform co-workers if they will be back anytime soon. The Place Lamp does that through the power of GPS and light.

The Place Lamp is connected to the owner's phone so that it knows how far he or she is from its vicinity. If out of the office, it is completely off. When out of the country, it glows blue and when nearby it glows orange. When actually at the desk, the Place Lamp emits a stronger white light to complete tasks by. It was designed by Sam Stubblefield, a designer based in Seattle.