Pie Five Now Offers a Pizza and Salad Duo for the Health-Conscious

With many consumers still working away at their New Year's resolution to eat healthier, Pie Five Pizza Co. has debuted a new pizza and salad duo that is low in calories. The new dish not only helps those counting calories enjoy one of their favorite comfort foods, but it also offers a lighter option for those who want to pair their slice with some fresh greens.

The new pizza and salad duo from Pie Five has been dubbed the 'Low Five' duo because it clocks in at under 600 calories. The meal itself consists of a seven-inch pizza that can be customized with healthy toppings such as grilled chicken, a choice of one of seven different sauces and the customer's preferred choice of crust. The low-calorie pizza is then paired with a freshly-tossed side salad made with hand-cut veggies for an ultra-nutritious side dish.