PINOKY Brings Stuffed Toys to Life for the Little Ones

 - Jan 9, 2012
References: gizmag
Researchers from Keio University and University of Tokyo recently developed a device called PINOKY as a part of Igarashi Design Project. It's a ring that actually has the ability to bring stuffed toys to life.

The PINOKY is wireless and therefore, does not require a remote control. According to Gizmag, inside of the ring is a micro-controller, a ZigBee microchip, a photoreflector and a pair of magnetic clasps that makes it all work. Perhaps what's most interesting about the PINOKY is that the user can actually manipulate the movements. All the person has to do is move the limbs around when the ring in recording mode and the sequence will be replayed. A full animation of the entire toy would of course require more than one ring, but even one is enough to make any child smile.