Unique Pink Bottlenose Dolphin Sighted Again in Louisiana Lake

 - Mar 16, 2009
References: snopes & news.au
"Pinky" the unique bottlenose dolphin is believed to be the only pink bottlenose dolphin in the world! This strikingly pink and playful calf was first spotted in an inland saltwater estuary of Lake Calcasieu in Louisiana back in 2007.

Since then tourists have flocked to Lake Calcasieu hoping to catch a glimpse of this amazing creature. "Pinky" was spotted again this week.

The red eyes of this dolphin indicate it is probably an albino dolphin. There are only 14 other known albino dolphins in existence, but they are all white. Pinky’s unique color has brought much attention to its dolphin pod, but conservations have warned against disturbing this special creature, asking tourists to limit their observation time, and request that they not chase or harass this special pink dolphin.