This Delicious Fruit Smoothie is Served in an Edible Pineapple Bowl

The 'Public Lives, Secret Recipes' blog put together a recipe for a tropical fruit smoothie that comes in an edible pineapple bowl. While fruit smoothies are a perfect way to start the day, they aren't the most appetizing meal to serve to guests. These tasty smoothie boats are the perfect dish for brunch or outdoor parties.

The smoothie itself is made from a simple mixture of yogurt and fresh fruit. While the recipe calls for pineapple, blueberries, raspberries and bananas, each of these ingredients can be substituted for another type of fruit. Once the smoothie itself is made, the fun part is making a pineapple bowl that can be used to serve the dish. The edible tableware adds a whimsical touch and helps to turn a regular smoothie into a tantalizing tropical treat.

While it may take a bit of extra work, these tropical smoothie boats are sure to wow friends and family.