Dining Ware from Linde Hermans and Pieter Stockmans Slopes Slightly

 - Feb 21, 2013
References: lindehermans.be & mocoloco
It might seem like an odd concept, but Tilting Tableware by Linde Hermans and Pieter Stockmans is just that: tableware that tilts slightly to one side.

Tableware is often cited as being rather boring in design and only really jazzed up via bold patterns or odd shapes. The designs by Hermans and Stockmans take the tableware industry and flip it on it's head by creating ware that is crisply white, but quite imperfect.

The entire Tilting Tableware line comes across as more of a social commentary than an actual design feature because it plays with the concept that tableware should be perfect. It doesn't matter where any of these creations lie because they will ultimately always be slightly slanted and exceptionally imperfect.