The Pierchic Restaurant Offers a Seafood-Themed Brunch Menu

 - May 14, 2016
Dubai's Pierchic restaurant is a seaside eatery that targets lovers of luxury with an appreciation for artisan eats. The popular restaurant sits by the water, overlooking gorgeous scenery like the iconic Burj Al Arab building and other nearby architectural feats.

Featuring a fresh seafood menu, the Pierchic restaurant offers gourmet creations that include an elegant seafood platter and shell-inspired desserts along with meat eater options like beef tenderloin. Another standout is a risotto dish made with baby squid germolata and cuttlefish ink.

While its menu may seem like it is designed for a more mature clientele, Pierchic targets Millennial luxury lovers with its Friday brunch menu and electronic music selection that is inspired by Ibiza's famous DJ sets and start-studded beach parties.