The Picture Perfect Infographic Examines Mobile Captures

 - Jun 9, 2013
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The Picture Perfect infographic examines "how mobile has changed the way we capture moments," according to the chart. Since the introduction of the camera phone, taking photos has become more portable, easily accessible and popular. With social media sites such as Instagram or Vine devoted entirely around visually stimulating images and videos, the reflection of the camera phone’s growth is definitely felt worldwide.

As Facebook currently hosts 10,000 times the number of photos as the United States’ Library of Congress, the gargantuan number of photos in the world is exponential and ever-growing, a phenomenon exemplified by social media. The Picture Perfect infographic captures some of the best introductions that the mobile camera introduced to humanity: photos of empty plates, nose bleed section of concerts, duck face and the concept of selfies. To get the most out of your mobile experience, remember to keep the lens clean and experiment with your phone’s settings for the best pictures.