The MPiano Allows Players to Customize the Feel Of the Instrument

 - May 5, 2016
References: alpha-piano & gizmag
The MPiano is a wonderfully innovative and exceedingly futuristic piano concept, developed by Austria-based Alpha Pianos, that is designed to explore possibilities when it comes to improving musician-instrument interfacing and relationships.

What makes this piano concept so special is the fact that it is equipped with adjustable keyboard action technology. What that means is that players can select whether they want the keys to feel like the heavy, weighted keys of a grand piano or light like a typical electronic synthesizer. Designed in collaboration with the Porsche Design Studio, the MPiano is fitted with high-tech electronic actuators that allow the keys' feel to be manipulated.

Ultimately, this piano concept proves that technology can be used to alter the tactile feel of instruments, thereby strengthening the musician-instrument connection.