Imperial College London Made a Photosynthesis Movie Using Lasers

 - Dec 27, 2016
References: & engadget
Researchers at the Imperial College London have recently developed a system to create a photosynthesis movie, capturing the natural process by which plants convert the Sun's light into usable energy. Through the use of ultra-rapid laser pulsing, the scientists were able to piece together images of the lighting-fast Photosystem II enzyme reaction.

While scientists have known about the broad strokes of photosynthesis for a long time, the minute details of the photosynthetic process have remained something of a mystery. This is because certain aspects of photosynthesis happen at incredibly fast rates -- on the scale of picoseconds (i.e. trillionths of a second.) By using precisely timed lasers, the Imperial College researchers were able to capture a photosynthesis movie in real time.

The findings will be used to make artificial photosynthesis, the process used in solar panels, more efficient in the future.