These Photoshop Art Images Make Classical Sculptures Modern

 - Jun 23, 2013
References: feeldesain &
Photoshop art images have recently become a massive phenomenon in the pop culture genre, and photographer Leo Caillard and illustrator Alex Persani are adding another collection to the mix. The Street Stone photography series by the photographer and illustrator duo takes classical Greek sculptures and comically edits them wearing modern day hipster clothing.

Leo Caillard begins the process by taking photos of classical Greek white marble statues of aesthetically beautiful men and women. Then, Alex Persani takes Leo Caillard's elegantly shot images, uploads them onto his computer and Photoshops them. The theme for the Photoshopped classical sculpture images is to make them contemporary and hip. So, Alex Persani edits the multiple sculptures to wear quintessential hipster clothing, like Ray-Band sunglasses, Levi's jean button-ups, high-waisted shorts and vintage concert band t-shirts.