The 'Silent World' Series by Photographer Michael Kenna

 - Aug 17, 2010   Updated: Aug 2 2011
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British photographer Michael Kenna is widely known for his incredible black-and-white landscapes; each shot is simplistic yet captivating.

Through the 'Silent World' series, Kenna captures different surroundings that look extremely deserted and lonely. Even though there's minimal imagery and hardly anything going on, you still feel a sense of belonging in the landscape. Be sure to check out the gallery for more shots of the series by photographer Michael Kenna.

Implications - This use of spectacular natural imagery has helped MIchael Kenna to create memorable photographic pieces in the past, and the Silent World series is no different. Those with an appreciation of photography and nature should continue to keep an eye out for more works of art produced by none other than Michael Kenna himself.